A list of testimonials of our work with a variety of clients, ranging from international athletes to recreational trainers and class members. 

Frankie Fielding
Professional Goalkeeper for England and Bristol City

 I began working with Frankie during the 2011/12 N Power Championship season, the year which he was first selected to be part of the England squad for the euro 2012 qualifiers. Together we worked on improving his all round game by means of a strength and plyometrics training programme, aiming to make him more powerful and explosive, a factor which he deemed to be a weakness in his game. This was paired with proprioception work to improve balance and co-ordination and conditioning work to reduce body fat.


“When I first worked with Jeremy my body fat had increased, so he put together a strength and power programme for me. This was not only to lose body fat but also improve my performance as a goal keeper. His programme included leg weights, upper body as well as core work. Before working with Jeremy, my general strength was average at best, but has now improved massively. My power, strength and conditioning have been enhanced due to the programme, encouragement and support he has provided me with over the last few months and my body fat has reduced. Jeremy is friendly and approachable which makes gym work enjoyable. He is a leader but is also a very good team player, especially in the sports science department at Derby County. His knowledge of sport science and conditioning is second to none and has really pushed me to where I wanted to be. He really is an asset to our club.” – 3/2/12

Dan Lambert

Physique Competitor & Personal Trainer

 "I can't thank Jez enough for the size and strength he has enabled me to gain over the last 18 weeks. Jez has planned every one of my sessions over the previous 4 months helping me pack on 8kg of weight, an increasing all major lift 1RM's.” 

Kerry SOuthan

PT Client & Class Member

 "I started attending Zumba classes with Jess a few years ago. After having two children I needed to lose weight, was very unhealthy and never exercised. I was nervous about doing the class especially being overweight. Jess and everyone else at the class made me feel very welcome and everyone was really friendly. After time and losing a few stone I started attending more classes and I noticed a big difference in my fitness level...... Well after a few years and finally losing 6 stone I have changed so much. I have gone from one Zumba class a week to now training 5 to 6 days a week. None of this would have been possible without the help and knowledge of Saxon Fitness. I am now a regular at most classes during the week and some would say a competitive member of Primal Conditioning. The last few months I have been having PT sessions with Jez. I have changed so much since I started at Saxon Fitness. My main aim was to lose weight which I have achieved but overall I have become a much more fitter and stronger person. Fitness is now a big part of my life and I now do it because I enjoy it rather then being a chore. I can not recommend Saxon Fitness highly enough! I always feel well motivated and pushed to reach my personal goals. They do an amazing job at teaching classes that everyone enjoys and always gets the best out of everyone. I have also made some great friends here too. I can not thank them enough for changing my approach to my body, health and overall life.” - 16/12/15

Tambrae Collyer
Class Member

"I am a mother to 3 girls and have been attending jess Zumba classes for the last couple of years, it's perfect for me because of all the different times of classes, I can fit round anything, the classes are so much fun, the music is modern and the routines are fantastic to workout to, jess is an amazing, energetic and bubbly instructor who makes the Zumba workout thoroughly enjoyable." - 5/5/14

Ross Cunningham

Semi Professional Rugby Player

“In 2012 I snapped my collar bone in the penultimate game of our Season. I had surgery in May and my goal was to be back in the squad come August/Sept for the new season. I knew I needed decent help to do it so asked Sax if he fancied the task. He managed my complete rehab over the 12 week period ensuring the training and diet routines he wrote were achieving the desired results. I was also carrying allot of body fat which he targeted for improvement and I lost 11kg whilst making significant improvements to my power. The one 2 one sessions he does are by far the hardest 45 minutes I have spent in a gym! The rehab was a success I was back in time for pre-season training and the 1st game of the new season. My learning style makes me far more receptive to those who can practice what they preach and he definitely practices very hard! This pre-season, I will be injury free (touch wood) and looking forward to 16 weeks of hard graft with Saxon!” – 8/2/13

Dan Hurst

Semi-Professional Rugby Player

“Having played Rugby for Leicester Tigers Development team and in National League 1 for Nuneaton the biggest weakness to my game and what has been a major block in my development was my strength and size. I have always been around the 100kg mark which for somebody who is 6’5 playing second row is simply not big enough. When training with Jeremy (sometimes twice a day!), his advice on exercises, technique as well as nutrition and the motivation he brought really increased my strength and size. This impacted directly onto the rugby pitch where I felt I could physically impose myself in the tackle/ruck area instead of just being strong enough to get through a match. I now weigh around the 106-108kg mark and I feel I have developed a muscle memory from this time which has helped me get back to full strength quickly after a shoulder operation in January. I would certainly recommend Jeremy to anybody who has a specific goal in mind like me.” – 15/11/12

Taren Mendes Da Costa
Class Member & PT Client

"I have personal training with Jez at the gym and really enjoy these sessions and can tell that i am getting fitter/stronger...always a challenge especially the 16kg kettlebell! I have also gone to zumba, bootcamp and kettlebell classes with both Jess and Jez and can highly reccomend!" - 5/5/14

Saul Deeney

Professional Goalkeeper for Derby County Football Club

I began working with Saul whilst at Derby County football club following a serious injury where he required complete shoulder reconstruction meaning he was out of football for over a year, with doubt as to whether or not he would play again. During my time working with Saul I not only assisted him in his full recovery from his operation, rebuilding his upper body strength from scratch, but significantly improved his lower body and core strength, something which he felt that he was lacking even prior to his injury.


“Jez has been a massive help in my recovery from my shoulder surgery, showing a great attitude towards his work and my rehabilitation over the last 9 months. He has a fantastic knowledge in one to one training and makes a lot of effort, always appearing to genuinely want to make a difference and always goes out of his way to do it. I am certain Derby County Football Club will benefit from having him on board.” – 22/11/11

Jeff Hendrick

Professional Footballer for Derby County Football Club

“I started working with Jez when my body fat was at its highest, my strength wasn’t the best, and it showed in my performance. Jez designed a programme for me to lose fat and improve my strength and within a month of one to one work I began to notice big improvements. I have enjoyed every minute working with him, and even though it is hard, he is a great motivator and has got me through it and has great knowledge of what he does.” -9/3/12

Steve Haines

Head of Strength & Conditioning at Derby County Football Club

“Jeremy has been a key member of our Strength & Conditioning Team. He is fiercely motivated and hard working individual who has shown great initiative in all that he has done. His work with players has produced significant improvements in all aspects of Strength & Conditioning and he has been a pleasure to work with.” – 16/2/12

Warren Jerzyszek

Distance Coaching Client

“I contacted Jeremy during the summer this year as I wanted to get in shape for my holiday and for some recreational rugby tryouts for my local team next year. I began a 10 week diet plan and training plan to get me physically prepared for rugby. With the guidance of Jeremy and his knowledge of both strength training and rugby I was able to put on noticeable muscle mass and improve my strength simultaneously, as well as my knowledge of rugby. I’ve completely smashed any of my personal records! I was able to track my progress every day with the training sheets provided. Also he was always available through text, phone call or email to answer my questions or to give me some encouragement on the days I trained on my own. I would definitely recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to get fit and train hard as he knows what he’s talking about and he practices what he preaches, which is important when picking a personal trainer. Just check his blog out ! He is a very talented and goes out of his way to help you reach your goals. I can’t thank him enough!” – 17/12/12

Louise Mantle

Class Member

“I've been attending Jess' Classes for over three years and can genuinely say that with her motivation and guidance I have become a lot fitter and more toned. Now that she and Jez offer a variety of other classes too, there is something for everyone and at all levels; their sessions come highly recommended by me and by the many friends I've introduced to them in the past .” – 9/5/14

Trina Mason

Class Member

“I've been going to Jez and Jess' classes for a while now although I can not always do all the exercises due to a bad back. I always feel welcome come away feeling exhausted exhilarated and smiling from working hard but most important a fun and enjoyable class that has me returning again and again . An unbeatable team for all ages and abilities give it a try and you will soon be hooked ” – 9/5/14

Michelle Smith

Class Member

"I've been coming to Zumba for over a year now and recently started kettles and bootcamp, always struggled before with classes as I get bored but these are top instructors always good music and routines, can't wait to get to classes. It's a really friendly group so there's no awkward feeling walking through the door no matter what size or ability you are Jess and jez will keep you motivated and have a laugh as well, keep up the good work guys you're doing amazing!!! Thank you x " - 6/5/14

Stephen French

PT Client

"Massive thanks to Jez for helping me pass my Potential Officers Course at Lympstone for the Royal Marines. I wouldn't have come close without his sessions and driving me hard to the point where i was sick numerous times. If anyone is considering a career in the forces and wants to train hard and is willing to push themselves to the limit then id recommend Jez every time! Thanks again mate!” – 11/3/14

Lucie Glover

Distance Coaching & PT Client

Anthony & Lucy Colley

PT Clients & Class Members

"Me and my wife were looking for somewhere to train together and a friend recommended Saxon fitness.
We were tired of doing our own thing at a local gym and not getting any results. We both needed professional guidance in a gym that's not intimidating, what we found was much more.
Since joining Saxon fitness we have both seen total body shape changes, gained strength and fitness and made lots of new friends. The classes are great for all abilities, varied and good fun! We're now primal addicts, each round the lifestyle change gets easier and the results keep us both motivated.
Thanks, keep up the good work!" 5/12/2015

James Toulman

PT Client

"I spent the last five years travelling extensively with my job and enjoying the free beer and meals in the hotels I was staying in. This had a knock on effect of me gaining a lot of weight as I did no exercise. I bought some new clothes for Christmas and struggled to fit into XL size clothes. The clothes I had were chaffing, didn't fit comfortably and I was really unhappy. I made a conscious decision that enough was enough. I decided to start training in February as I didn't want to start training as a new year resolution but as a lifestyle change.


I researched diet and the training that I thought was best for me and the goals I wanted to achieve. I decided that I needed someone to coach me on the training aspects so that I was doing the most I could in the short time I had available without injuring myself. I looked at a few local gyms and trainers and discovered Jez's website. His qualifications and experience made me decide to start with him, we emailed for a few weeks and I told him what I had seen. He removed the bro-science (which wasn't too much) and devised a program and diet. We started with an intermittent fasting diet and the weight started to fall off me. The strength training we did was based around mostly compound lifts done as supersets with some cardio challenges thrown in. In 12 weeks I have lost over 6" off my waist, gone from 40" jeans to 34" with a belt as they fall down now. I can fit in a medium t-shirt and people are commenting that they can see noticeable changes in me. Jez has  answered any questions quickly and sends me motivational texts asking how I am going. One of the things that has impressed me most was that due to bad posture at work I got sciatica. Within a week it had gone with the changed program he gave me. He knows when I can do more and pushes me and when I am starting to lag he stops me before I know I need to. 


I cannot recommend him highly enough, I have never been as fit and am looking forward to where I am going to be in another 12 weeks and hitting the magic 90kg mark. 


Thank you very much Jez, you are a star and it has been worth every penny"!” – 15/5/14

Paul Green
Professional Footballer for Republic of Ireland and Leeds United

I first worked with Paul during the 2011/12 N Power Championship season. Paul had ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in his right knee in April 2011. I worked with him daily on a one to one basis assisting with his rehabilitation through strength training, cardiovascular fitness, agility drills, and proprioception which lead to significant gains in strength, lean muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness as well as reduced body fat.


“Jez has helped me through my 7 months of rehab coming back from a ruptured ACL and a ruptured MCL. He’s been a motivator when I’ve had my down days, worked with me doing my leg weights to strengthen my knee up and upper body. He’s also helped me get through my fitness work when I got back running which was hard work. Thanks for working with me and getting me through a tough time.” – 9/12/11

Jess Burke
PT Client & Class Member

I started going to Saxon Fitness after being a member at another local gym and getting bored, I soon realised this was a much better choice. I started attending classes where Jess and Jez made me feel very welcome as did the other members. The variety of classes is great, definitely no room to get bored with the same routine or same exercises, only challenge, motivation and fun. Primal conditioning is a great programme for anyone wanting to make lifestyle changes to diet and training and I can’t recommend it enough. I have learnt a lot about nutrition and the training is challenging but a lot of fun! I am currently in my first block of PT with Jez as my wedding is coming up next year. This is something I never thought I would do as I was always felt it would be intimidating, how wrong I was! These sessions definitely work and it gives you a chance to ask questions that you may not be able to in a class. I feel fitter and better in myself and I cannot thank Jess and Jez enough for their help and hard work. My advice to anyone thinking about going along to Saxon Fitness…DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, DO IT!” – 29/12/15

Michelle Spencer

Class Member

" I have tried every fitness class there is and by week 3 completely bored of it. But then I joined Jess and Jez's bootcamps. These 2 people are amazing, encouraging and very welcoming. I love their classes and feel fitter than ever to the point that I managed to complete my first 10k wolf run which I wouldn't of done without the help from these guys. Just wish I had more time to attend more classes." - 6/5/14

Ollie Tom

Distance Coaching Client

"I was a regular at the gym for about a year training specific muscle groups four times a week, trying to improve my size and strength. I was finding it very hard to stay motivated and carry on my training as I was barely noticing any progress, in regards to my strength and size. It eventually came to the point where I realized I needed help to achieve my goals. I spoke to Jez about diet and training  and within a couple of days he had written me a full training and diet plan. I started following both of them straight away and was shocked by the results. After following them both for ten weeks I have put on a stone in weight and my strength has improved massively." - 11/2/14

Mark O’Brien

Professional Footballer for Derby County and Republic of Ireland Under 21’s

Following an ACL operation, which ruled him out for the season, I was tasked with helping Mark through his rehabilitation process, not only to re-establish his knee strength and stability, but also to help him bulk up, to add another dimension to his game.


“Jez has been there from day 1 taking me through my knee rehab work and also helping with upper body weights. I was 73 Kg when I first began work with Jez, and I have now reached 78Kg thanks to all the work he has put me through. He is consistent with his work with me every day from my early morning starts until I’m finished at the end of the day, always pushing me to make sure I get the best out of every work out. He has set me tasks and always pushes me to improve that little bit extra every time I train. He makes sure I never miss a session and fills me with confidence, so I have now progressed to doing lower body weights. With each week that has passed I have seen myself improve with his help, and has pushed me to the limit, always making me do that little bit more when I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing left, he is a great motivator.” – 5/3/12

Maria Cook

Class Member

"I have been attending Jess & Jez 's classes for quite some time now I think they are both amazing people they are my motivation and every time I go I feel fantastic after! No one judges you as I'm a bigger girl and they are so welcoming and it feels like one big happy family. They r fantastic and would recommend to anyone. Well done guys!" - 6/5/14

Adam Legzdins

Professional Goal Keeper for Derby County Football Club

“After coming back from pre-season and looking at my body composition results from the Dexa scan, I decided that I needed to lose some body fat and gain some lean muscle mass to be in better shape and help my performance. We outlined a detailed weights programme, which would help me achieve these personal goals. Working with Jez, we set out a goal of completing two to three weights sessions a week in order to achieve these goals. After 10 weeks, I had a second Dexa body scan where we could see that I had managed to gain 4kg of muscle and lose nearly 5% body fat. Working with Jez has been key in me achieving the goals I have. Fitting in weights sessions around training and matches can prove difficult as it can be very demanding both physically and mentally. However, working with Jez has helped me work through these demands as he provides the encouragement and motivation that is needed to help me complete my sessions. I have found that working with Jez I have managed to improve in every single one of my sessions as he doesn’t allow you to plateau in your progress. What I have found very useful is that Jez keeps a detailed record of our sessions which enables us to monitor our progression and see clearly how we have improved over the course of our programme! In addition to the support Jez provides through his encouragement and motivation, he also provides in depth knowledge and explanation in the sessions we are carrying out! He makes sure that I am always using the correct technique in every exercise I do before we progress as this reduces the risk of injury and gives me the base to progress more efficiently. Now that we are six months on, I am feeling the benefits of our sessions in my training and matches! I feel stronger in my goalkeeping as I am able to jump higher and I feel stronger when making saves. I also feel the benefits in my kicking as I feel I can kick the ball longer and more powerfully with both feet more successfully!” – 12/3/12

Sam MacGregor
Academy Physiotherapist at Derby County Football Club

“ I have been impressed with his dedication to the job. Jeremy has a clear passion for all aspects of strength and conditioning, showing eagerness to learn and try new ideas. Not only is he knowledgeable but he also has a way of motivating and getting the best out of players he works with. He would be a great addition to any strength and conditioning department.” – 29/2/ 2012

PT Client

“I met Jez in the summer of 2015 after looking for a place to do some cardio classes which would compliment my strength work. I was recovering from a serious injury and was working on achieving some fat loss without losing strength. I entered 2 strongwomen competitions having no experience and won them both which was where my love for lifting and moving heavy stuff was born.

Unfortunately my training was all over the place I was listening to 3 people and not getting any stronger and extremely dissillusioned with where I was going. Talking with Jez at various times in classes I realised what a huge depth of knowledge he had in not just lifting but technique and how to transfer my lifts to strongwomen events. In November I decided the best route for me was to have Jez take over all my training with him writing a full strength programme which was split into 4 big lifts and ancillary lifts to strengthen all muscle groups. Combined with cardio I have lost nearly 10kg since then. Jez has also worked with me on my injury and focused on getting the mobility back to a relatively normal position. I also have a PT session once a week where we go over one lift and Jez checks to ensure I am on track not only with my lifts but general health, sleep and food.

In June I am competing in Britain's Strongest Woman and Jez has sat with me to work out how to preapre for it. 4 weeks into a new block of training I am already hitting PB's that I did not expect to be hitting for at least another 6 weeks yet. The training is hard and demanding both physically and mentally and by the end of a week my body is shattered but each week I am getting stronger.

I can honestly say that the best decision I made was to start working with Jez. My competing journey has only just started and with his dedication and knowledge I know that I have found the coach I want to take on this journey with me!” – 21/3/16

Marc Howgate

Semi Professional Rugby Player

“I worked with Jez for a 3 month period and continue to use his innovative programmes mixed with alternative strength exercises. Jez has provided me with power, hypertrophy and fat burning programmes. Each programme has proven challenging and varied. Gym sessions have become fun again and addictive with proven results being evident. Having worked in a professional environment previously I can credit Jez’s knowledge and training programmes to match the best I have seen.”-1/10/12

“I have been working with Jez as a coach for nearly a year now and am enjoying every minute of my training and development. I am currently working towards gaining muscle as I plan on stepping on stage end of this year. Working with Jez as my personal trainer has been amazing. As I am someone that has struggled with an eating disorder in the past Jez is supportive and understanding of the struggles I have had with food and training. He's always there for extra support when I need it and his training plans have always proven amazing results for me .

He is extremely well educated and is always furthering this knowledge to keep up to date with the ever growing industry. I feel Jez works with each person he takes on as an individual and always listens to what they want to achieve and reach as goals. He is motivated and passion which shows through how much time and effort I feel he's put into my progress. I look forward to what I can achieve in the future under Jez's guidance.” – 29/5/14

Rebecca Blewitt
Class Member

" I have been attending Jess' zumba classes for a short time and I have always felt really welcome, with me being over weight I was very nervous about attending any exersize classes but they have given me more confidence as no one judges you, i find jess really encouraging and motivating as instructor, and i would recommend anyone to join as they are suitable for almost anyone and i have great fun as well as burning the chub."  - 5/5/14

Clare Leavis

Class Member

"I have always enjoyed Jess' classes and can normally fit them in, even with a hectic lifestyle due to all the times and day sessions available. Jess' motivation pushes you just that step further which has helped me lose 22kg- 5kg to go and lots more classes! Can't wait!" - 6/5/14

Sam Coley
Class Member

“I started Jess & Jez’s classes around nine months ago , very nervously I must say admit, as I have never been a huge fan of group exercise, gyms, or one on one trainers, infact any type of exercise. . …Nine months later ( she types, with a huge smug grin on her face) having dropped three dress sizes and lost over a stone and a half I can without a shadow of a doubt heartily recommend all of their classes. The most important part of  the classes for me, was that they sincerely cared about my fitness and training, made me feel so welcome as a newcomer , motivated me when I was feeling down and was determined in helping me reach my final goal. The cherry on top of the cake, was making life long friends and I can honestly say that I never stopped smiling since and now have a whole new outlook on fitness, I have never looked back and now I am looking forward to many more classes in the future.” – 23/9/13

Mitch Culpin

Semi Professional Rugby Player

“Jeremy has been working closely with me for the last 8 months. I play semi-professional rugby for Hinckley and he has put together and monitored all of my off field training closely, including pre-season, hypertrophy, strength, power, injury rehab and prevention. As well as working around the demands of training and playing he has also planned training around full time work, making sure that I am in the best condition possible for Saturday afternoons.” – 8/2/13

Joanne Wykes

PT Client

“Needing to get my confidence back with exercise I went along to Jess' Classes on a Tuesday evening as she was recommended by a friend. I really enjoyed it and my10 year old daughter has come with me so it is nice to do it together. Have now progressed to 2 pt sessions a week at home. Jess arrives at 7 in the morning so I can work out before work. It's a great start to the day and the 45 minutes fly past. I really know I have done the session. Jess is targeting my problem areas and I can see a difference after 3weeks. Jess works through meal plans with me and checks my food diary. I have lost 3.5 inches from round my belly button already. This really suits my lifestyles as a busy working Mum I am doing something for myself without being away from home. It leaves my evenings clear to do things with my family so it really works for me. I don't get to the end of the day and think I will cancel after a hard day at work. Jess does a good variety of exercises which I love  is always there if you need a bit of extra support.. ” – 9/5/14

Marcus Badham

Semi-Professional Rugby Player

“I contacted Jez after I suffered an Injury playing rugby. From there he gave me a rehabilitation and conditioning program to get me back fit. Since then he has given me specific strength and conditioning program’s tailored for myself, which I have had great grains from. I have gained 6kgs also lowering my body fat levels by 5%. He is very professional about everything he does and I highly recommend him.” - 8/8/13

Jade Gibson

PT Client

“I have been having pt sessions with Jess for a while now and she is absolutely brilliant! She is so supportive and encouraging, which is def what I need! Every session Jess brings a fun workout and I can always feel it the next day!! She also gives me a home workout to do on my own and gives great nutritional advice. Already very pleased with the results and I feel so much better in myself and that's thanks to you Jess” – 9/5/14