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We said we had something big for you and here it is…

In line with our relocation at the end of this year we have made the exciting decision partner up with @hyroxuk to become an official HYROX gym.

We believe that the training style and ethos fits perfect with everything we have ever done at Saxon Fitness and it will come with a variety of perks, benefits and Hyrox specific training available to any of our members looking to take part in classes or to compete in any of the UK events.

If you're not sure what the event includes then swipe across or go to the HYROX website!

Regardless of your fitness levels, current capabilities or age ANYONE CAN TAKE PART and we aim to continue to provide the most effective and fun training possible, whilst prepping individuals for their chosen event: SINGLES, DOUBLES or RELAY.

This however does not mean we will stray from our original classes and training methods. HYROX will be a means to add more training options for you guys, including daily Online Programming.

More info will follow as we get closer to our move including class schedules & membership options, but for now if you're interested in the HYROX training or events, fancy a challenge for next year or want to know more about training at Saxon Fitness then get in touch! 🧡

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