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✍🏻Sign Up For GAME DAY 2 Is Now Live Via The Programmes Tab On Our App.

3 Teams will go head to head over a 3 week competition to gain the most points via a series of tasks & challenges and during 3 gruelling workouts!

Competition will kick off on Monday 15th May where team members will begin to carry out their daily challenges, and Game Day sessions will take place at 6pm on Friday nights (19th & 26th May & 2nd June).

Once again, daily challenges will encourage accountability and will relate not only to training, but also nutrition and mind set.

Teams will be assigned following sign up, and throughout the 3 sessions members will have to work together to complete a series of 1 hour workouts, using the right people or combinations for the workouts will give the best chance for the most points, so team work will be vital!

Movement Guide (Not All Are Included):

🚴Row, Bike & Ski

🏋🏻‍♂️Proficient in Basic Dumbbell & Kettlebell Movements

💪🏻1 RMs for Squat, Push Press, Bench & Deadlift

🏃🏽Able To Complete A 2 Mile Run

✍🏻 Sign up now via the Programmes Tab on our App, and you have 1 week to beat our Price Increase (26th April) 💸

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