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🤮The Coronavirus is the topic of the moment and SPORT ENGLAND s current advice is “staying active is an important part of staying healthy and protecting against the risk”.

🏃🏻‍♀️Exercise 🏋🏻‍♂️.....

In order to fight this, you need to be immunologically and physically fit. White blood cells help protect you from illness and disease, however by nature they can be quite sedentary, so exercise can stimulate them via increased blood flow. They will then get to work to hunt out and work against any viruses within the body. So keeping moving will give you a good chance of staying strong.

😴Exercise also encourages better sleep, one of the key factors in reducing stress hormones, so improve those sleep patterns and get enough hours and you as more susceptible to any sort of illness when you are tired.


This one is pretty simple, if you eat like an idiot there a good chance of you getting ill. This point stands at all times, so let’s just reign in the crappy food and give yourself a boost in what could be a tough time. Eating a more varied diet with lots of high fibre and colourful foods should give you the vitamins and minerals you need!

There’s a pattern here, and a lot of it comes down to common sense... alcohol and heavy drinking can seriously dent your immune system in the short term with the cells responsible for your first line of defence being under effective post drinking binge. So for now let’s just cut out the big piss ups, yeah?🍻❌

🤒Preventing the spread...

Hygiene is key, again no one should need to be told about this, but based on the shops being looted for hand sensitiser it’s appears most people don’t wash! Coronavirus is mostly spread via droplet transmission so stay clean, and sneeze and cough into tissues. We are ensuring all of our equipment is cleaned multiple times per day and we have put signs up regarding hygiene. We ask that you do the following:

▪️Wash your hands thoroughly before coming in.

▪️Please follow government guidelines regarding symptoms.

▪️Please bring a towel to ALL sessions and wipe up after yourself.

▪️Stop believing all of the social media posts, buying all of the toilet roll and being an idiot.

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