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Blaine Bonnin-Ward.

Hey, I’m Blaine, a certified personal trainer and Sport Science graduate who believes that every client needs a unique plan that fits their needs, life circumstances and preferences.


I first developed a love for the gym when I was 18 years old and used it to improve my sports performance. Since then, I have learned the benefits of training for performance and leading to a healthier lifestyle.


As a coach, I see how the same approach gets promoted constantly and I don’t think that’s right. Why? I believe each individual is unique and your workout plan needs to be tailored to your needs.


When I first started my gym training, I followed a generic training plan that never focused on my personal weaknesses and so I always struggled in competition when these appeared in an event. My goal is to create a training plan that fits you like a tailored suit.

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Personal Training
Group Training



BSc Sports Science

Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor


HYROX Endurance


Drop me a message for PT, Group Training or Online Coaching. 


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