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Online Programming.

We have paired up with Fitr to provide all of our programming, both on a group and personalised basis.


We have daily Class and Open Gym Programming available, as well as the option for Personalised Online Coaching. 


Programming can be 100% personalised to suit your individual needs or join a group programme designed for those who cant always make it to Saxon Fitness but want to be held accountable and follow a structured schedule. 

As programming is completely individual Prices vary, however it starts from £30 per month and is available on either a 1 off or ongoing basis. 

Check out the options below and give them a click for more info or to sign up! 

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Access our Programming for all of our Timetabled Classes, track your progress, upload your scores and see how you stack up on the leaderboard. 

Included with membership and exclusively for class members. 


We know your time is valuable, so our Open60 plan is designed for you to be in and out in 60 minutes, working on a rolling clock and getting more work done in less time. A simple and effective program developed for all levels and ideal for Open Gym use. 


Included with our full and HYROX memberships, this Programme provides daily HYROX workouts. So whether you're planning to compete in your next HYROX race, or just wanting to train to get fitter, this ones for you!


Strong-Shred Programming follows our weekly ladies only class and provides a full body strength and conditioning workout comprised of heavy lifting with a faster paced finisher to build your engine. 


The SWOLE A.F Programme combines traditional upperbody hypertrophy/bodybuilding training with conditioning in the form of cardio equipment and functional movement patterns. 

Each session lasts 40-60 minutes meaning you can get some serious work done in a short time! 


Metabolic Conditioning, commonly referred to as "Cardio", is essentially the capability of our respiratory and energy systems to perform work. This may be over short durations targeting our anaerobic system, such as sprint, or longer in duration, like a marathon, relying on our aerobic system. Over the next 6 weeks we will look to develop this utilising 1 piece of cardio equipment, a skipping rope and bodyweight movements.


If you're looking for Programming that is 100% individualised to your needs, this is the one for you. After a discussion with a coach, we will devise a Programme personalised to suit your goals, experience levels, equipment and time available to you. 

If this is something you are interested in then drop us a message directly. 

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