Online Programming With

We have paired up with Fitr to provide all of our programming. It is  100% personalised to suit your individual needs. designed for those who cant always make it to saxon fitness but want to be held accountable and follow a structured schedule. 

as programming is completely individual Prices vary, however it starts from 29.99 per month and is available on either a 1 off or ongoing basis. 

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Real-time Leaderboards

Compare your performances with others trained by the same coach/brand. Coach set benchmarks in your program will drive real time leaderboards with full ‘like and commenting’ ability. COMING SOON

Program Communities

Integrate yourself into the community. We will make you part of your program’s community, where you can share and ask anything within the group. Ask questions, share your progress, throw some high fives, it’s all possible!

Ad-hoc Sessions

Occasionally do your own workout? Or want to track the time walking the dog? No problem, supplement your coaching by building your own sessions, on the same day, in the same calendar. Everything stored in the one place!

1-2-1 Chat

Our dedicated messenger service will let you share your performances, direct from your training calendar, to your coach, and chat 1-2-1 about anything on your mind.

Calendar Feedback

Your coach will be able to drop personalised comments, directly onto your training calendar, specific to your performances. A certain session not go quite as planned, discuss it there and then with your coach. Hit a new high, let your coach know directly next to the performance!

Customisable benchmark tracker

Track an unlimited amount of benchmarks. Link media to each performance and see your progression over time. Share benchmarks to your coach for feedback.