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At Saxon Fitness we prioritise hard work, perseverance and community all as a means to build actual fitness, rather than something that just looks like it.


Specialising in functional fitness, we are Hinckley's only HYROX Affiliated Gym and with our Reformer Pilates Studio we offer a timetable of classes and group training to suit all abilities. 

In edition to this, our expert team are able to provide Personal or Private Small Group Training, Online Programming and Sports Massage.

A combination of functional exercises and cardio endurance makes HYROX training unique and yet still attainable for people from all fitness backgrounds. As an Official HYROX Partner Gym, we offer classes that cater for both those wanting to train for their next race, and individuals who just want to try something different and get fitter.
Want to know more about HYROX, or book your race? Head to the official HYROX Website.

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Reformer Pilates is a full-body workout that will work on strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance whilst targeting the 'power house' muscles (abs, lower back, hips and glutes). You will also fire up your deep stabiliser muscles that will stabilise your spine, pelvis and core. descriptions result in more sales.


For those who require guidance, motivation and to be held accountable for what they do in the gym. Private One-To-One or Small Group Coaching is available on either a 1 off or Block Booking basis.



All of our classes are designed to cater to all abilities, whilst providing a challenging but achievable workout! All sessions are designed with the individuals in the group in mind and are scalable and adaptable for all. 

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